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I heard back from Dreamspinner today -- they have rejected "The Demon Catcher" as a story for the Myths and Magic anthology, but have suggested that I could revise it to novella length (15,000 words +) and resubmit it for consideration as a standalone story. This is rather encouraging -- clearly, they did not simply think it was crap.

I did say that if it was rejected I would post the story here, but as there is still hope for publication, I won't do that. Instead, I'll post the current story to [personal profile] lefaym under flock, in the hope of receiving feedback from my flist, although I will take it down again completely before I resubmit it.

As far as revision of the story goes, I'm considering two different options -- the first is that I could try to embellish the current story a bit more and do exactly what the Dreamspinner editors suggested -- resubmit a longer version of the same story. However, I also have the option of taking certain elements from "The Demon Catcher" and combining them with elements of the new Euan and Leon story that I'm working on, in order to produce something novel-length. I think I'm going to wait and see what sort of response I get from my flist re: "The Demon Catcher" before I make my decision.


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