Dec. 24th, 2010

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It's all happening, folks! My novella, The Demon Catcher has a cover and is scheduled for release on January 5th, 2011 -- it will sell for US$3.99:

Art by Paul Richmond

From the website:

Brother Euan has always been skeptical about the existence of demons. He may have spent his life in a monastery dedicated to the God Ajen, but that doesn't mean he has to indulge in superstition. Even the unnatural storm that batters the monastery one night isn't enough to make Euan believe.

But superstition becomes the least of Euan's worries when Leon of Tremea arrives at the monastery to investigate the reports of demonic activity. Leon is nothing like the frightened, shame-filled monks, and when Euan is assigned to assist Leon in his work, he finds himself struggling with desires he'd thought firmly under control. After a second demon attack on the monastery—one that not even Euan can explain away—Euan's beliefs and assumptions about the world are shattered, and with nothing to hold him back, he opens himself to his feelings for Leon. But then Euan discovers that Leon is not all he seems to be....

I'm really happy with how the cover came out, and very pleased that the release date is so soon!

AND, you could win a copy before the release date, if you add it to your wishlist AND buy a title from Dreamspinner during December: in fact, anyone who buys a book from Dreamspinner during December goes in the draw to win EVERY e-book on their wishlist between December 26th and December 31st.


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