Jan. 10th, 2011

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Yesterday, I had the privilege of participating in a Meet the Author event on Dreamspinner Press's Facebook Page. in order to promote The Demon Catcher. The heart of this event was readers (and potential readers) posing interview questions for me -- I got some great questions, and hopefully, I gave them the answers they deserve. So that it doesn't get lost beneath the inevitable Facebook updates, I'm reposting the interview here -- along with answers to one or two questions that I missed yesterday.

Feel free to pose more questions in comments (anon commenting is enabled).


Question from Sarah Madison
What are the things you look for when creating a hero?

Answer )

Question from @lbcubbison on Twitter
How did you decide to move toward original fiction?

Answer )

Question from Lisa Marie Davies
Do you plot everything out before you start writing or do you just start writing and let the story flow from there?

Answer )

Question from Sarah Madison
What was it about Euan [protagonist of The Demon Catcher] that made you empathize with him?

Answer )

Question from Martha Casey
I loved the story of Euan and Leon - are you planning on writing any more stories featuring them? Or in their universe? I'd love to know more about how their world fits together.

Answer -- contains minor spoilers )

Question from Phoenix Emrys
Where does the inspiration for the names of your characters come from?

Answer )

Question from Opal Trelore
One aspect of Demon Catcher that I really enjoyed was the setting. It felt very real. What do you like best about creating fictional worlds?

Answer )

Question from @ryanloveless on Twitter
What is the first story you ever wrote? Maybe something as a kid?

Answer )

Question from @ChallyZatB on Twitter
What were the main challenges you encountered in writing the story [ie, The Demon Catcher]?

Answer -- contains spoilers )


Thank you to everyone who took the time to ask me questions. I really enjoyed answering them.


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