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I've not been very productive this week, both in terms of writing and other responsibilities. I've been languishing in the mornings -- there's already a feel of the holidays in the air, which makes it difficult to focus on the things that I'm supposed to be doing. And when I'm not productive in terms of my Real Life responsibilities, I often don't end up writing much -- I feel like I don't deserve the reward.

This is, of course, very silly of me, as I tend to be MORE productive when I'm writing lots, not less. So, I'm wondering if I should allow myself a full day of writing -- all by myself -- in order to get my brain back into action. I could take my netbook out to a nearby cafes, and sit outside in the shade all day, sipping on cold drinks and eating ice cream, as I write and write and write. It does sound idyllic.

One of the problems with this is it would have to be on a weekday, as all of my weekends between now and Christmas are full up. As I don't have a 9-5 job, this is quite doable, but I'd still feel guilty about it. But then again, since technically, writing IS one of my jobs now, perhaps I can convince myself that this is what I deserve.


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