Feb. 14th, 2011

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Hey folks! To celebrate Valentine's Day I'm giving away two copies of The Demon Catcher, my m/m romance novella published with Dreamspinner Press.

In order to win a copy, you need to take part in the scavenger hunt below -- one free copy will go to the first person to complete the hunt, and the second free copy will go to the person whose responses to the hunt are the most amusing. Entries will be open for so long as it is still Valentine's Day somewhere in the world. Please be aware though, that every item must be different. If somebody has already used an item in their response, you can't use it again.

If you don't have a Dreamwidth account, you can comment here using Open ID, OR you can comment anonymously -- but if you do that, then you MUST leave me some way of contacting you. If I can't contact you, then you can't win a prize.

And now, for the hunt itself! In honour of Valentines Day, I would like you to find me the following five items:

1. Something that starts with the letter V
2. A representation of the number 14
3. A heart
4. A picture of February
5. Chocolate

You can simply copy/paste the URLs of your findings into your response, OR you can embed pictures (find the html code here). Please be aware that the responses to this post may very well be Not Safe for Work.

Good luck!


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